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You don't need another New Year's resolution, you need consistency!

The new year is a great time to reflect and set new goals. While looking back on the previous year it is important to assess both your successes and your failures. Both have shaped you to become who you are at this present moment. The new year is a very hopeful and inspiring time for many to start fresh and accomplish new goals. However, I'm sure you have witnessed many people 'fail' at a resolution and become discouraged. Let's discuss how to set goals and stay motivated this coming year.

When it comes to any goal, consistency is key

This is the time of year when everyone makes their resolutions for the new year. Thus, this is the time of year when gyms are packed! Have you ever noticed that by the end of February the gyms are back to their normal volume? This is because people focus on the change they want to make and go all in rather than making it a manageable lifestyle change. It is not realistic to go from not working out at all to becoming a gym rat overnight and then maintaining that forever. The key is to ease in and stay consistent. Make it a lifestyle change that is enjoyable rather than a chore. To stay motivated set small attainable goals along the way.

Another popular resolution is to lose weight. I've see many people make this resolution and start following an extreme fad diet. Inevitably it usually doesn't last long because it is not sustainable and too restrictive. When you have a goal that creates too many restrictions it often becomes unmanageable and can't take shape as a lifestyle change.

Be realistic about your goal

It is really important to make sure your goal is realistic and attainable! If you've never ran before it is not a realistic goal that you will run a marathon within a month. Maybe set that goal a year out from now. Or set a smaller goal like run a 5k in two months. It is really important to set a realistic goal so you are not setting yourself up for failure. If you set too big of a goal that is not attainable you will not be motivated to stay consistent and reach that goal.

Try to frame your goal in a positive way

When setting a goal try to keep it positive. Rather than set "don't" goals set goals framed in a more positive way. For example, maybe someone makes a resolution to 'stop eating chocolate.' This could be reframed in a more positive light by saying 'focus on eating nutritious foods that fuel my body.' This may seem trivial but when we make ultimatum-like goals we can feel very discouraged when we slip off.

Have multiple goals, not just one big resolution

When I run a race I have A, B and C goals. This helps to take the pressure off myself that I am not going to meet my one big goal. For example, my A goal will be a time goal, B goal will be working on my fueling strategy and my C goal will be to just have fun. This way if I don't accomplish my time goal I can see where I have succeeded in other areas. I think this strategy should be applied to new year resolutions. Why does it have to be one big resolution that you either succeed or fail at? I feel like that can make the goal really big and often defeating, Try setting a couple of goals that way it's not either you succeed or fail this year.

I do not believe in New Year's resolutions. I'm in the 'new year, same me' camp. I focus on consistency all year long. I believe that you can chose to implement a change any day not just January 1st. I believe if you fall off the band wagon, you jump right back on. If you love resolutions and are in the 'new year, new me' camp, I support you. Try to implement these strategies to stay motivated and achieve your goals this year. So, what are your goals this year? Leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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